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August 21, 2007



what a great idea! now i can read my chick-lit unashamedly! i love the fabrics that you chose... did you use a pattern or freestyle it?


Book-frocks have taken dork chic to a whole new level (that's a good thing... I think).

And yes, metaphorically, I am reading Artemis Fowl and Dostoyevsky - or maybe it's more Camus and Harry Potter.

Andrea (Scout)

rob, i would expect nothing less of you (and is why you are super boss awesome).

megs, thanks for stopping by! yes, these are totally free-form; i make my patterns from old tissue paper. :)

i didn't have time to include this in the post...so here is a brief frock tutorial for all you bookish-types:

1. gather some favorite fabric remnants (i prefer the sale bins, and these two are denise schmidt, and mameyakko), maybe some cheapo quilters cotton, and heavy canvas for the lining (of course some notions, or a lovely button and elastic cord).

2. you will be tempted to use interfacing or an internal canvas lining, but i wouldn't recommend it. every time i've tried, the covers come out too thick and wonky (and not flexible).

3. measure your book, add your seam allowances and an extra 1/4 inch of wiggle room. (note: the front flap is just the front panel, folded over and top-stitched, but i make a seperate back flap in order to sew in the elastic cord for the closure.)

4. make your main panel, turn, topstitch, and attach the back flap and elastic by topstitching. add the button. and...

soooo easy-peasy. and practically free.

chick-lit hidden. comic books hidden. and rob...no one has to know you're reading 'swordbird' or 'vampirates,' even though you are. :)


hi andrea.
these are so cute. i really want to do the swap. truly i do. i just don't know what i could offer up. hmm. let me think on this. hope you are having a good evening. xox

Andrea (Scout)

shari, even if you decide not to do the swap...i made a cover today, with just you in mind. a bit more neutral, inspired by your bark landscapes. how could i resist? :)


if those are included in the swap and you promise that it doesn't need to be a "super-crafter"swap and you drag out the due date I'll do it. I just get so worried that I'll get something great and I will send out a box of nothing ;-(

Andrea (Scout)

not to worry. i've never done a swap before either. and for just those same reasons--always afraid to disappoint. but now, i say, why not have fun with it? fall is lovely, there's so much joy in sending packages to faraway places, and also, the stamps... okay, so really this is just an excuse to buy lots of neat stamps.


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