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September 25, 2008



love the corace illustrations so. and yes to the toast and yes to petterson. our store doesn't have it yet though! your mom's visit sounds delightful as does the box of your grandma's things. hope you have fun this weekend friend. xox

Nadia Lewis

One ordinary thing? I think the knitting needles in my hands -- well, in my lap as I type -- my Clover bamboo 5 mm circular needles.


You must forgive me for not knowing this...but where in California are you from?
I love these photos, so good and so right for the season. Good luck figuring out that heater business!

lisa s

so lovely. family and blue books and good stories

i can't wait to see all your treasures [um esp. the notions????]


I think I'm going to need to have some book time, I am in dire need of inspiration.


one ordinary thing? a beloved fountain pen, perhaps.
but mostly bits and pieces of yarn i've knitted with.

the view outside my window is green and wet. it's raining and the infamous southern humidity is back with a venegance. sometimes i feel like i am trapped in a war between two weather gods.


One ordinary thing: probably a tape measure, stitch ripper, or other sewing utensil Yes, probably a tape measure - I've been known to wear those out of the house.

Good question!


Outside my window, it is unfortunately green- that's one bad thing about florida, the leaves never change color. It is also very rainy, and dark, but the sky is somehow still a brilliant pink and dark grey.

One ordinary thing- I would probably include an old iron doorknob that has sat on my desk for the past few years. Its weight and resilience always reminds me of how older things were made so much better, and stronger. It also makes for a good paper weight.

.girl ferment.

i daydream of snow too.
your visit with family sounds lovely.
i would throw brown string in with my most prized possessions.


kind of love this post. these are the best kind of days.


Outside my window is a darkned street, common, lonely, made magic by my children's footsteps come morning.

I just stumbled upon your blog. I wish you had an e-mail. I would love to talk with you. I'm working on a creative project that will bring together talented women bloggers. I would love to talk with you about it.

Hope you would be willing to e-mail me



You made me think of my grandmother this morning. I miss her and love her dearly. There are days I just sit and go through all the undone embroidery projects she left behind. Oh... she loved books and paper just as though I do today.

Thank you for reminding me of the love.

I'm Christina, nice to meet you.
; )
PS: You have a beautiful blog, hope you don't mind me visiting while I sip my coffee. : )

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