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September 16, 2008



seems like we are experiencing similar weather, but we do have cool mornings and evenings. love this letter. xox


Uhm. I composed this letter two weeks ago and it's now 60s, but it will be 80s now so maybe she will come back to your area soon.

If she goes to the Carribbean, I say we go and bring her back.

Lisa s

gotta smile at the greta garbo of seasons


The photo collage is good; the letter's even better. 77 in Chicago today, but I wore a tweed skirt anyway. I'm just itching to break into my collection of wool and corduroy jackets. Then scarves, then berets . . .


The Greta Garbo of seasons, I like that, a brilliant description.


"You're fond of whispers."
...a line that made me smile.




You put it so, so perfectly.

I just found you via All Buttoned Up. Love it!


Don't worry. Fall has returned to Portland, Fallier than ever.


oh, i love this andrea.
enjoy every precious fall moment. :)

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