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December 17, 2008



yay for snow days. i know what you mean about the salt. vermont has no money and i heard that they are cutting way back on this salt. this would explain why my car slid all over the road on yesterday's commute. it was the scariest bit of driving i've done in awhile. that is one lovely winter lamb. xo


oh, you had exactly the kind of snow day I desperately craved! I was one of the poor suckers who had to go to work through it all (even on Sunday!). I agree with you COMPLETELY about the salt. seriously, Portland, get over it!

love your blog!

lisa s

your lamb and re-cap are super cute....
i hope they salt your roads and can't wait to see your tree and you should meet my dog - he drools.... bring on the plastic

Jacqueline Barnett

I love my X-terra this time of year in Canada.

Drive safe!

Nadia Lewis

We got snow up here in Vancouver too! It's pretty surprising that it's actually staying around for a while. That, combined with a cold, is adding up to some guilt-free Snow Day-age. Yay.

abby try again

Oh my Lord!
You are hilarious.
Really, thank you for that.
I am so glad you got a snow day and did not have to drive around in the crazy mess.
Hope to see you sooner rather than later...


not sure which bullet point to respond to, but all i can say is that this post is awesome and i hope you're still enjoying your snow days :)

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