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December 23, 2008



oh andrea. my sympathies. my dog had the exact same thing and it is not fun, especially the cleaning afterwards.

i also understand about snow...it rarely snows in nc and i've had many a wet (or dry christmas)...but when i went to nyc earlier it snowed for not one, but two days. and it was magical, and enough for me.

Nadia Lewis

Aw... that sucks!

But snow and hot chocolate is fun, at least, no?

Mmm... Okay, you've talked me into it! I'm gonna go make a cup!


This is the funniest/best blog post I've read in perhaps forever. Thank you so much, because this is exactly what I needed right now. From another snowed-in Portlander.


I love that you took a post that started with anal glands and ended it so sweetly. I love the power of music.

Also, as for your talking about your pooch's body parts all the time, ever since I got my cat Frank, I seem to talk about his bathroom habits. A lot. If I had a nickel every time I talked about his business... I'd also have a lot of nickels. :)

I hope everything heals soon! And that you have a lovely holiday.

liz elayne

okay i am done with the "lurking" (though i must admit that i don't love the word as it sounds so sinister) because i have to say this:
i think this just might be one of my most favorite blog posts ever. yep. johnny mathis, dog love, anal glands, people on cross country skis, a garden shovel used as snow shovel, a piece of a mother's story, wigwam socks, gratitude. yep. everything a good story needs.

hope the rain is melting the snow a bit where you are. the rain has turned ours to slush up here near seattle. (our dog has anal gland problems too...she has to get them "expressed" ever few months. good times.)


hope little bradley is better. did you enjoy your white xmas. hope so.


Hi. How did I not know you have a blog? And I express my dog's anal glands all the time. Bring your pooch over next time the glands are impacted, and I will give the little guy the probe. I buy the big packs of surgical gloves from Costco just for this purpose (though they work great for baking, too).

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