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January 23, 2009


Nadia Lewis

Great minds think alike! I am also in accordion love. I want one with a bittersweet musette so that I can play the whole Amelie soundtrack by Yann Tiersen. Also, video game music.

A great city to visit is Vancouver -- the drive from you to me is FAB. Also, we have cute, little islands to visit. They are full of sheep and super chilled out peeps.

Whatchu lookin' for in a dress pattern? I have millions of vintagey ones, so send me your measurements and dress details and I'll fly one to you.

My band recommendations: DeVotchKa (they have an accordion player), Beirut (them too), Danielle Ate The Sandwich (a girl on YouTube) and Kings of Convenience ("indie folk-pop duo" says Wiki). Listen to them. You will not regret. Money guaranteed!

Kathi D

In my obsessively assembled library of dog books (expanded after 2 new pups moved in last year) I read a theory that dogs with separation anxiety are not "worried children" as we usually suspect, but "worried parents" in that you are their pack, and when you are gone, they worry incessantly about YOU until you return. I suspect the treatment is still the same, but I find it fascinating to view it in this light.



(Where is your email address??? I have lost it. Please supply.)

I assume you are familiar with the glories of both Andrew Bird and Animal Collective. You are so much the more savvy than I that I must assume this. Gershwin and ear trumpets aside.

My mutt, Bennett, and I send our best wishes for a very happy new year to you and your Bradley.


An accordion is my fantasy instrument of choice, too! I really want to learn it, because I can't find anything sweeter than busting out the tune from "Amelie" for your friends after a few bottles have been opened.

Also, I love soup.


If you want, you can have the soup delivered to my house and then I can bike it up to yours.

As for bands, I really love Weinland and Laura Gibson (they're both folk-y and local!) Stars, and subsequently Amy Milan (she's just a person, not a band).


Hey! I made a blog. But I don't really know how to. So I made an almost blog!! I'm so excited!!


A renewed zest for French macaroons sounds like something I shall try to cultivate... it is sure to be a most tiresome chore ;)

abby try again

I really, really, really want to order soup, too! I was so jazzed on it when I heard about it-started immediately dreaming about how the soup deliveries would change my life until James informed me that it was a no go. Maybe we can get a job one day a week in the soup zone...?
Hope all is well with you, dear. I may come and try to visit you today. Must go pick up some film.


this is a most excellent list andrea.

as for bradley...my friends had a lot of trouble with their dog when they first got him (in terms of leaving him alone). they found that using flower essences, www.petessences.com,- not sure if that's the brand or not- really helped with his anxiety, just a thought)


The Oregon coast has a wonderful network of (heated!) yurts along it's coast (plus a couple inland- one of which we're staying in in two nights!)- why wait for spring/summer! :)


I discovered your blog through Habit "guests" and I whilst recovering from the flue I have started to peruse your archives...

Since I have no idea what kind of music you are interested in.... you may already know of these bands.. they are some of my favourites right now

the Great Lake Swimmers
Okkervil River
The Mountain Goats

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