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January 30, 2009



yes! i am so excited you'll be over at habit. this is definitely my favorite new blog and i can't wait to see your contributions. it's so simple, yet so genius. it's perfect, in fact. very good news indeed.

oh yeah, nice quilt :)

Nadia Lewis

It looks great! It's good to start the New Year getting things crossed off the list, no?


tie quilts are my favorite. love the gingham and linen and very much looking forward to following habit in the month of february. xoxo


so happy to have found your blog -- what an enjoyable read for me. came across it by way of habit - am very curious to know the titles of the books in your large pile re: photo on 1/30. I can make out Harry Potter, Eldest and Eragon, and the Mysterious Benedict Society, as well as some travel guides, but am curious about others. Always looking for good books to add to my shelves. :)


Love Habit! And the quilt, definitely not the doom and gloom you say. But I understand the weighing of a project on your shoulders. Take care!


so excited that you'll be with us at habit this month! and i have a quilt on my mind. but i don't think i'm ready to put it in writing yet!


Been working so hard these days. Would love to make a quilt. Miss you birdie. Wish we lived closer. ("I need you so much closerrrrrr" love, love, love that tune) I love your enthusiasm and your words. You are such a good writer. Peace mamala!


Love, love, love the quilt! Must add you as a link right.now!



Love, love, love the quilt! Must add you as a link right.now!



I am really loving the simplicity of this. I find it to be very inspiring.

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