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April 03, 2009



thank you so much for that lovely, eloquently told tale. i had hoped it would be a wonderful story and you didn't let me down. pardon me as i need a tissue. those who take in animals that most in society would turn their backs on deserve our thanks and gratitude. i couldn't be happier for all of you and i'm so happy bradley has found a playmate. i love this photo by the way, i think it is great. i look forward to hearing about the escapades and i'm sure your home is still beautiful, it is radiating love :). have a good weekend, nina (n.c.p.)


such a wonderful retelling of a beautiful journey.I love that the two of you have such a calling. I know they will continue to bring you much joy and laughter.

[I hope you are doing well. I would love to see you again some day soon]

Nadia Lewis

I agree -- that is a beautiful photo! I'm really glad you got the opportunity to love these dogs and they got a chance to love you back. It's great to hear that you are all growing together. It's good to be in a pack, no?



it's just so great that you got that kind of a chance for you and for bradley. it's amazing.


Beautiful story...and I identify with so much. The traumas and trashed house are all worth it in the end. Takes a certain person to follow through to a positive place. Lots wouldn't.
Happy dogs - wonderful!


your story is heart-swelling; thank you for sharing it. and, those pups are as cute as can be!


what an amazing story. so glad that you four are happy and loving life. xo


Oh Andrea! What a lovely tale! I'm so happy for all of you! There is nothing like the exuberance of happy animals - especially rescues. Thank you for sharing this tale.

Alicia A.

Andrea + happy family,

This is just about the sweetest thing ever! Thank you for telling the story. Those pups are lucky to have found you. But you already know that.


what an incredibly perfect, beautiful, inspirational story.

thank you for sharing!


hurray for people like you who are willing to take these little guys into your home.
We rescued a mini-schnauzer almost two years ago and I can't even begin to tell you how awesome this little dog is- we were prepared for all the things you mentioned above, but are suprised and so very happy that he is actually the more well behaved dog of the two! The mini schnazuer we already had at home has taught this rescue how to 'be a dog' it was truly amazing!
so very sweet to watch the trasnformation.

andrea (scout.)

thank you all so much. i was afraid i was being overly sentimental with this post, but you've all made me feel like a hundred bucks. i'm pretty darn proud of these two, how hard they've worked and how far they've come. and if i could translate every comment into dog language for them, i would, of course. :) so we will just say THANK YOU. ::::tails wagging::::

Tangi Adopt A Rescue - Joni

Wow, what a wonderful story and I too love the photo! Thank you for taking in these two dogs in and they look alike - what breed mix are they?

Clicker training is great and so helpful for the rescued dogs and all my dogs love it. I also find the dog whisper pack leader stuff very helpful with many dogs and it doesn't have to be done roughly (for most dogs) to get your point across. Just enough exercise does wonders for many dogs.

So these two are keepers have you also considered fostering a dog at a time? I have three dogs and one foster dog.


You know I'm not really a dog person, but this story is enough to covert me. (In addition to Moose, I suppose. This story and Moose.)

And I didn't mention it on the phone, but Reagan's middle name is June, and we use it often, esp. June-bug. Here's to our little ladies!


sad tales ending in happy tails. with big, big hearts.

I'm totally tearing up - in the best of ways - else I would be writing in more complete sentences.



this post touches me more than i can say. my profession is working with the unfortunately large amount of neglected animals in washington state. reading this comforts me and reminds me that people like you exist. you are what the world needs more of.
the home you're providing these two little souls is just what they deserve. you're an outstanding example of what a human should be.
thank you for sharing, and may others who read your tale follow your lead :)


you have two lovely-looking dogs! what an amazing story you told in this post - thank you for sharing.

Kathi D

That photo is wonderful! The dogs are gorgeous, and so lucky to have landed in your home. I love Patricia McConnell's books, too, and we take our pups to a gentle, rewards-only trainer. Not only does it make training a lot more fun, it WORKS.

kelly steinberg

this is so wonderful to read. you should feel so good about what you have done. i live with two larger black lab brothers and wouldn't trade the endless sweeping of fur, cleaning of muddy paw prints and trips to the dog park for anything. dogs are a wonderful part of this world, of our life.

june and bradley are lucky pups.


Oh hooray for you and those 2 lucky, lucky dogs! I have a rescue pup named June (!) and she is the light of my life. The hard work is paid off a bazillion times over by the love and companionship and silliness they bring to our lives. Good for you. And thank you.


thank you for this post! and thank you for caring for those sweet doggies. it breaks my heart and lifts me up at the same time.


thank you for telling the tale. it was a tearjerker but with a happy ending. happy sigh. :)


They are both so beautiful. When I saw their picture I sat up and smiled. They are infectiously happy. What a journey you are all on. How very, very beautiful.


Well, I'm sobbing! That is beautiful and so, so encapsulates how I feel about the little creature that lives with us. So incredibly written.

I love McConnell's books, she's wonderful. I also subscribe to Whole Dog Journal, a great resource for nutrition and training.


It's never too late to change his name to Henry. Then you can have your literary reference and pet it too!
Your "you haz treats" caption is killing me! hahaha!
You are a good person blondie. Don't you forget it!


wow! What a great, uplifting story. Thanks for the inspiration.


Such a touching story! It made me think of a beautiful little novel by Paul Auster, called Timbuktu. The main character is a dog, the I person in the book. It relates the dog's rough life. Did you read it? You should.

Better Living

I have lurked and admired projects for a long time but this compelled me to tell you how much more I admire your big heart. I'm so happy you all have found each other!


We have 2 strays-one from Animal Control-our perfect girl Macuisla. The other is Buster who came to us taped inside a box tossed out a the window of a car moving at a high rate of speed. We too have worked with them from a place of love, remembering they are dogs so we don't expect them to look at the world as we do. All of that is silly in the face of this: we love them so. They make our lives rich and I can't imagine a day without them. Every day we take time to stop and be grateful. I hope your story inspires others, with eyes wide open, to take on the joy of a pet that needs love. Your story is so beautiful. Thank you.

Veronica TM

the most beautiful post. thank you for sharing!

lisa s

dogs are amazing aren't they?
june and bradley are lucky to have you and you them....


amazing, thank you for that! It makes my soul happy and my heart fill with hope to find another who will never give up on the pets we've saved - and whom have saved us right back.



I just found your blog (and your Flickr), and I'm writing to say your story resonated with me. Five years ago I took in a wee little cat who was emaciated and absolutely terrified of people. She'd been bounced from home to home and was treated badly. The last person who had her was going to have her put down because she wasn't a purebred (! - she's a beautiful muted tortie) and had "too many issues".

Fast-forward to present, and she's a round, sweet, happy, squeaky little thing whose purrs start rumbling the second she hears my feet on the stairs to our apartment. She sleeps on top of me or next to me every night and follows me around the home, always wide-eyed and watchful that I'm OK. It's a bit like having a 9-pound furry shadow who doubles as a sentinel.

Rescues make loving, incredible pets, and I think it's largely due to their understanding of just how beautiful a loving touch and patient mind can be. Thanks for sharing your story.

Elizabeth Bessel

I just finished reading about your blog in Artful blogging...which led me here....which led me to flickr (I'm a junky)...which led me to the pictures of your dogs....which led me to this post....which led me to tears.

Our family has two rescue dogs. Mac our stoic pit bull, lab mix sounds so much like your Bradley. Founds with burns and cuts all over him. Afraid of human touch, every sound a new source of terror. Fast forward two and a half years and this morning I had to wiggle out from under Mac's morning cuddle to feed him and his re-habilitator, a 12lb. Napoleonic rat terrier named Henry. Who used super human powers to lure me to our then local shelter where I thought I was going to sign up to volunteer. In reality I was there because Henry was destined to come into our family.

We continue to grow together and help each other canine and human alike. A sad girl comes home from school and there is a lick and a cuddle waiting without question. A tired mom sits down at the end of the day and a faithful friend is there with a quiet sigh of thanks that he has someone to share the couch with.

Thank you for sharing your story and allowing me to share mine. I'm headed out to explore Scout and get to know you a little better.


What breed(s) of dog is June?

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