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April 10, 2009



Oh the ears are so cute!


too cute!


so cute i can hardly stand it!! I was there with you all the way through your last post. I never really mention it but Seamus, our 1 1/2 year old silver lab has bad separation anxiety!! We never really knew it because he's perfect when we are home, a love sponge so to speak. But my neighbor informed me that he barks and cries all day while we are gone, pacing around the kitchen from window to window. It brings me to tears! I will read ALL of your suggested books if it can help slightly! Enjoy them, they are soooo cute!!!

Kathi D

Please tell Bradley (or is it June?) that I very much appreciate the sacrifice of wearing those ears, and that in this home, we appreciated the giggles inspired.


So gorgeous, honestly I want to give them a big cuddle.


Just caught up with your last post.
It was so beautifully written and so wonderfully captured the joys of living with dogs.
I really enjoy your photos on flickr.

Wanna meet my dawgs?

Boracay beach resort

OMG!!! They are so cute!!! Nice post!!!

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