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May 07, 2009



i say once everything is done and settled whatever it may be

where ever you are
put on your most comfortable clothes
file your nails
put a good movie on (p.s. i love you)
cry cry cry cause that movie does nothing but that to me
and then give your self a big ol hug by drinking miso soup

atleast thats what i do when i need to give myself some down time


plus screaming down the street with underwear on your head sounds like a perfect excuse to say u went crazy and needed to tell everyone about it
also a good photo op but thats just me



love your photos, love your posts! I always look forward to coming here at the end of the day.


take your time. your sweet sweet time. live in the moment. and breathe.

just don't close this special little spot. xx


You know, you could start a new trend with the underwear idea...
Even wilted, lilacs are so beautiful :-)


Sounds like a great plan. There is nothing good about running down the street with underwear strapped to your head. Trust me I've almost been there too. Looking forward to your return and more dog smiles. xo lj


Many thanks for the lilac wilted and the canine smiles... and wishing you a little calm, a little harmony... a little balance. I look forward to your return to blogging here whenever it is. xo


I too have been given a break for that same reason of running through the streets with a panty on your head. But, if you had me by your side I think we would both run home with fits of laughter and some great foto's. I love you bird. I send you lots of Buddha love.


america blasco

This is the first time I've stopped by your site; but I just love it!!! Hope you are feeling less cluttered and more inspired soon! I'll definitely be coming back! Take care..*America

Jacqueline Barnett


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