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January 25, 2008



no, not bird. a few dialects of squirrel maybe.


thank YOU for your lovely white photos. i think that is the sweetest little bird i've ever seen. is it a phoebe? happy weekend!! xox


wow, what a stunning picture! so pretty - iv eloved seeing your photos this week...x


that's a sweet picture- such beautiful, rich tones.

enjoyed your photos and your posts this week (and every week)


delurking to say that i've enjoyed your white photos this week. so pretty.

lisa s

wait - you must speak bird... there he is!!


i don't speak bird either, though birdseed and suet do help. as does slow movements and whispers of "stay. stay. please stay. good birdie."


This is a sweet picture, and it looks like he cooperated.


Those darn birds. I love this shot!

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