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January 31, 2008



happy one year of blogging. my 2 year anniversary is coming up. :) do you know i think every day how glad i am that you have this space? cause i do. your words and photos are special to me. you are special. xox


One year down! Just wanted to say thanks for this blog. It's taught me to appreciate beauty in the little things, and it's also cool to hear from a fellow book-lover.


Happy one year anniversary! Those are such beautiful things you received :-)


happy one year blog-anniversary! very happy to have met you...i always look forward to your adventures in both words and pictures.

enjoy that poetry reading!


mary oliver! an absolute favorite. (and the comparison to hannah montana - so funny.) a paper bag, yes - a good idea. how wonderful.

and happy blog-anniversary to you. and many more. please.


Oh, I envy you so, so much. What an awesome surprise! (I love getting surprises in the mail.) And happy first year of blogging - hopefully many more are to come.


Happy Anniversary, and thanks for all the nice comments you've been leaving, i know YOU understand my time constraints, or else I'd have responded sooner!!


That is wonderful package to receive! Happy blog-anniversary!

lisa s

happy one year!
so glad G&L instinctively knew [they are special those ladies]



Belatedly, I wish you a happy, happy one year of blogging... such a merry milestone. And I am so, so happy that you enjoyed all that lj and I sent across... it really was such a joy to think of what to send.

Here's to another beautiful, great, giddy year of blogging,
g xo

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