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January 29, 2008



whiskey with wendy. that's classic. did you make any progress? ooh. your next post sounds fabulous. can't wait. xox


I love your title Whiskey and Wendy. I bought the pattern, but have not attempted it yet...there are many other bloggers that have been making this..Mary Beth;
has made it several times...I believe there are some corrections to her patterns on the pattern company website. Good Luck


i've made the shirt twice. the first time i modified it to have the same neck as the dresses (the neckband, not the elastic), so i might be able to help you out... shoot me an email with your specific issue and maybe i can help. it was one of the first patterns i ever followed, so i was struggling through it as well.

Creature of Habit

I'm about to make it in dark gray chambray.....we can make it together!

lisa s

i've never made a built by wendy pattern....

i wish you luck!
soon grasshopper you will be the master


it looks like she knew what she was doing, i'd never attempt it


Uh, I'll take you up on the Whiskey. Everything else, you're on your own! ;)


I spent five terrible months of my life many moons ago writing pattern instruction for McCall's, and let me tell you, no matter how good the instruction writer is, it all gets jumbled up for the sake of the illustrations! I think one always does better just following their instincts, and when that fails, a good basic sewing book is all you need. I'm a fan of the ancient standby, Reader's Digest Complete Book of Sewing, but I'm sure there are plenty of others that are just as good.


wish i could help..
intuition can work along with really careful looking at any (?) pictures..
bon chance!

melissa f.

you can do it... i'm going to sound like debbie downer here but you just need to go verrrry slowly. the trouble with intuition and commercial patterns is that they are going to tell you things that won't make sense until AFTER you do them. and the order is all wonky for reasons not understood until you're stuck at the end and you realize "oh wait, crap. i should've done it *that* way."

do you live close to me?? i'd love to help you out if you get into a pinch.

andrea (scout)

shari: classic and true:) and yes, i'm making some progress. i already spilled the beans a little on your blog, but i'll share properly here too. xoxo

coffechris and jeanne: thanks for the links! even just seeing photos of finished dresses made a world of difference.

julia: you rule! i seem to be encountering the most difficulty with the neckband, so you may just be hearing from me. :)

creature of habit: gray wool here...we are matchy matchy. :) you might beat me to the finish line though...

lisa: i've been practicing my ralph maccio impressions.

nik: whiskey is an essential part of the dress-making process, and just as helpful. :) i knew you'd understand.

terry: thanks for the advice! i totally hear ya, about the illustrations. it sounds incredibly frustrating, both for the instruction writer, and for the dolts like me who need them so desperately. (the execs may feel that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case, not so much. :)

marie: thank you for the encouragement...and yes, i am busy scouring the web for photos of the finished product, and it's definitely helping.

melissa: you are righter than right. and i try to remind myself of that fact every time i use a commercial pattern. luckily, i am working slowly as molasses. and if that doesn't work, don't be surprised if you receive a desperate email titled, 'i live in the se. and i suck.' :)


Just recently discovered your blog, and it's lovely!

I haven't made this pattern yet, and while I have a sewing student working on it, we haven't gotten to the fitting stages yet. I would check the flickr group "built by us" for reviews. Jenny from Wisten has also made this dress, and she complains about the size. In any case, the best of luck to you!


uhm, i've never tried either whiskey or wendy (though i do have her sew u book), so can't help much there, except to say somehow it all sounds very good (alliteration! alliteration!) and that i think it'll work out.

looking forward to the next post! (and good luck with the dress)

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