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March 06, 2008


Creature of Habit

Check you out! You're going to Funkytown, not Frumpy Town. I love it!

Love the pockets too!


a fabulous design. love. heart shaped pockets sound so cool too. xox


Heh. "One-way ticket to frump town". I think my conviction that you're quite the writer has been borne out in the year-plus since you started blogging.


nicely done! the dress is adorable. and i love how you just jumped in and took care of business!

Alicia A.

I totally want that. A LOT. :)


this is amazing andrea! i totally want to start designing my own patterns, but it scares the crap out of me for some reason. this is totally inspiring. seriously. i love that you just did this.


Wow - you and your crafty self are no joke! Cute jumper. And I'm right there with you on scouting out the kid's department. My ridiculously small feet have benefited from the low cost of children's shoes for years. Not sure that my bee-hind could fit into children's clothing though...


Nice job my crafty little friend!! I'm very jealous that you can fit into a child's size ANYTHING! I'm feeling a bit pudgy these days. That jumper which looks quite proper on you would resemble something straight out of Ringling Brother on me. Have a great weekend.


Isn't Tenement what they're parodizing in that one sketch of The State??? The "let's get milk-faced and hum like rabbits!" one?

Love you, love the jumper. Have a great weekend Andy-dandy.


So cute. I love it. And your productivity shames me!


okay. that is just the cutest. EVER!


wow! it looks fantastic! very impressed over here. :)

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