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June 28, 2009


Nadia Lewis

So say we all!


I can help supply the first on the list. My Judy Blume collection is superb.

My winter was what you're going for with your summer. Enjoy the hell out of it!


I am totally inspired and feel like joining a choir to sing "Yay, summer !". Although I really hate summer for a lot of reasons you mentioned. Pale skin with sunburn, sweat and thoughts about bikinis and butts.
But suddenly I think that it´s silly and if I change my anticipation about summer, it maybe WILL feel great !?
Faking joy can easily turn into real joy...

I wish you the best summer you ever had, Andrea ! Full of love and sun on your hair and wind around your nose.

Kathi D

Reading this would make anyone long to lose their job. Maybe just anyone married to you, who clearly knows what is important.


Beautifully written. I smile and nod my head.

I hope everything gets sortet out with your husband's job. Best of luck to you.


Beautiful, Andrea. Despite everything, it sounds perfect to me.


my love lost his job this year too and i was amazed at the outcome - despite the worry and the endless days of rebuttals we became even closer. we came through it and survived and most of all, we are more, it's so cool. your summer is going to be a blinder!


ah lady. this is what summer is all about. for sure. give yourself and that man of yours great big sweaty (spiked?) hugs for me!! you're right, life stretches on and on and on.


amen. forever and ever, amen. I'm right there with you.


oh yes. this is 109% perfection.

Lecia/A Day that is Dessert

beautifully written.

Alicia A.

yes, yes, yes.

sorry about the job stuff, but that will straighten itself out in the end, right?

just have faith it will and enjoy all of these things.


This is absolutely genius.

Jodi Anderson

Oh, goodness. I'm not sure that I could agree more. You certainly did a good job of saying a lot of what I've been thinking ... including, not complaining about the heat despite being wired for the north.

My manifesto includes something about sundresses too, but I need to look a little harder to find some. Now.


My husband lost his job right after our first child was born and it was the most AMAZING, wonderful summer ever. It was such a huge, huge gift.

Enjoy your summer- truly.


I just stumbled across your blog today! I Love It!!
Enjoy your summer, adversities seem to make everything better...I mean, why is it that we can't realize what we have until something goes wrong? It has happened to me on more then one occasion...and the moments and occasions that take place after my adversities are the ones that will stick out in my mind forever!
Enjoy life! Enjoy the heat and humidity (as I often have to remind myself to do as well)! Enjoy the beach, the bathing suits, sun...and the whisky! Life will always throw something at as...but as long as you have someone that we love close by...it's never as bad as it seems!!
Yippeee!!! Welcome back Summer!!


Until I read this, I was wallowing in the heat. Thank you for putting things in perspective! Summer really is a time to relax and enjoy. I look forward to reading more :-)


Bring it! Go go, loaf (or mini-muffin) winner!


This is wonderful! You are wonderful. Thanks for sharing. I hope your summer is everything you want it to be, and more. I'm so glad to hear your positive perspective on something that can and will be stressful...it's all about perspective.
Best wishes,


glad you're back, i've missed your appreciative words and beautiful images. i'm in resolution mode, too. here's to a delicious summer for all of us.


sarah dessen!


Wow. Funny you should post this today. I was lying in bed last night, unable to sleep (I HATE the bar across the street from us), thinking that it had been a really long while since you'd last posted. I wondered if something was wrong. I'm so sorry to hear about Aaron's job - I know you're both under a tremendous amount of stress right now. But I like the spin you're taking on it, and I know that you two will pull out of it. Together. Have another whiskey lemonade and enjoy holding his hand for a while.

heather smith jones

right on lady. this is right on. i hope your summer meets all your 'demands'.


everything is going to be good. no wait, great! wonderful even! happy summer a.


good to read your words again. so sorry about the job situation of your husband. you have such a positive outlook and i'm sure your summer will be fantastic. give those happy dogs extra belly rubs for me :).

happy summer.


Love the prose in this... but I can't help but thinking of that sketch on The State where they're doing the vacation commercial. :)

Hugs... and breaking bottles with your ass.


Now go watch some Porcupine Racetrack!


Your idea of summer sounds blissful. I need to remember what it was like to enjoy the summer as well. I have grown to hate the humidity when I used to lie down in the grass and let it wash over me. Then I went and ran through the sprinklers : )

The best of luck to your husband. A few close people in my life have suffered job loss but with a lot of hope and a bit of luck things were turned right in the end.

Enjoy your summertime wishes.


what a beautifully written, incredible post. thank you for sharing it. happy summer to you and your husband- your spirit is amazing.

andrea (scout.)

wow. everyone, THANK YOU. thank you for your stories, encouragement, all this kindness...you can't know how much i appreciate it, and how good it is to be able to share this with you all. we have lots of hope for the future (and some big plans up our sleeves), but for now, there's a whole lot of summer to be had, and i can't wait.

annie, seriously. now bring me the judy blume.
mich, would you believe i just finished 'along for the ride?' cause i'm a dork like that.
and nik, this summer, i will make love to a clown.


Mmmm, have a wonderful summer--it looks glorious!


A great summer manifesto. From one pale person to another I know just what you mean. And, more importantly, here's to love! Happy summer... g xo


I love this post. You totally nailed it.
I am now inspired to write my own summer manifesto....
Cheers to spending so much time with your hubby :)

Jen Jafarzadeh

cheers to your summer manifesto. so well said — thanks for sharing. and it sounds like you already found a way to make loads of lemonade off your summer's lemons. happy summer! drink it in.


what an absolutely wonderful post. i hope you thoroughly enjoy your summer.


Right on! You have the right 'tude. Keep the sun shining in your yard and in your mind.
Bummer about the job. But with time, a new one will pop up. One with a big giant spatula. Preferable with gem stones and gingham.


this is exquisite. your writing, and the sentiment behind it. and even though i fear that it borders on the irritating, i will tell you that when my husband lost his job 8 summers ago, it was stressful and it was scary and it was among the very best things that have happened in our life. wishing you the very best things this summer, and beyond.

lisa s

so sorry to hear about your husband's job... but man oh man do you have a good perspective!


wow my partner was just told he would need to cut back his work to a part time position and i was sort of thinking what you said .... but you said it so much better...so beautifully, I love your way with words thanks for sharing


Beautiful post! And as a thirty-one year old woman, I would like to welcome you as you come into your thirties. So far, for me, my thirties have been a time of extreme growing up, a strengthened sense of self and owning my life that I never before experienced, and profound magic. I hope the following years offer the same gifts to you.


Such wonderful words and thoughts. I love your plan and hope it's panning out every bit as joyfully as you hoped it would and that all the stress has melted away. xo lj


this is the first post i have ever read of yours and yet i know, straight off, the first of many.

hell yes to that manifesto.
i hope it is going as planned so far.

can i mail you some of my lemonade--just freshly bottled? it would be good with whiskey ;)

much love, xo

Erin Chaney

isn't it amazing to actually get to see your husband? we got him for a whole 3 weeks i think! Soaked up every bit of it...we knew it wouldn't last!

Lené Gary

Hi Andrea,
Your manifesto is so fun! It has great energy and makes me want to declare a season just a delightful.

I'd like to use it in a lecture I'm giving this winter at Vermont College of Fine Arts. I previously emailed you regarding permission, but I haven't heard back. If it's possible to be in touch and let me know whether I may use it, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your time (and writing such a fun piece). :)



Just found this through a random link. Three years after you wrote and two seasons later. Can't thank you enough for making my day with this. It's wonderful.

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