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July 17, 2009



May I be the first on the internets to wish you a most happy birthday.

You have some great links in your post. I am pretty darn envious of the camera.

Jack Barnett

Happy Birthday Love! I hope you guys have an awesome trip! (And I am counting the days until I get to see you!!)


Happiest of Happy Birthdays.


hope your birthday was so full of beauty and love and hope. looking so forward to seeing your polaroid images and hearing more about this writing project. hugs.


What a great post! I can't wait to check out all the links. I totally agree about summer slowing things down and speeding things up ... I feel exactly the same way. I also harbour a love for YA books, but I haven't ready many lately. I should get back into that. And happy birthday!


well if you ask me, june-ly sounds just about perfect. especially the popsicle part. happy day lady. happy day.


oh happy happy happy birthday to you andrea! and your list is perfect, as always. i'll have you know that i'm right there with you on the abandoned projects, though not all of mine are sewing related. it always makes me happy to know that i'm not the only one of my kind. that, and i spent the last few weeks reading the percy jackson series at my son's request. have you read those yet? if not, you should add them to your ya list. (and now, is it going to be jul-gust? just wondering.) xo.


wow. an SX-70? At Goodwill?

I totally cried at the trailer for Where The Wild Things Are too. And get teary every time I rewatch it on YouTube. Which is going on, like 15 today. And I only saw it for the first time on Monday.

I need to eat more popsicles.


You had me with your summer manifesto. And now, after reading this post, it is official. I have a new favorite blog.

Happy Birthday.


What a wonderful month you have had. Happy, happy birthday. xo lj


So lovely to see you back! If you're looking for any YA suggestions I recommend John Green and Maureen Johnson.


You have been busy! I also cannot wait for the Where the Wild Things Are movie to come out. Piotr went out and bought a hard cover of the book because he realized we only had a soft cover.

I'm also with you on the popsicles. We've gone through I don't know how many boxes.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday and I'm sure I'll see you soon.

Erin Chaney

Hey, if you ever are interested, i'll sew up your projects for you...

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