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November 12, 2009



I look forward to reading.
Welcome back.


Ha!Ha!Ha! Our poor yard is in the same shape at the moment. I would LOVE to be able to garden, if only I knew how...and had the discipline!


We have a bunch of garbage in our yard (I'm not kidding. It's actual garbage. Ask Frenchie for confirmation), so you're doing much better than we are.


I feel the same way. There's even guilt buried in the compost, it's terrible. I think the dahlia bulbs are supposed to go in in spring, and you're supposed to dig them up and overwinter them (at least in our climate). I did that last year, and then forgot to put them in when spring came, so my dahlia bulbs have had a whole year in the attic by now. I haven't dared look at them.

andrea (scout.)

it's good to know we're not alone. we have overzealous neighbors with professional landscapers, so i have to take consolation in things like our beautiful fence. you don't have to garden a fence. also, anja, thanks for the tip! i seriously had no idea they weren't fall bulbs (since they were a gift from someone equally inept at gardening). phew.

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