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November 25, 2009



Oh, I'm glad you are well and that you remind us of the importance of laughter. Have a great Thanksgiving!


This is so perfect, Andrea- Amen.


you are the best. sending you love and wishes for a happy thanksgiving. xox


oh thank-you dear andrea for such a timely, timely reminder.
so glad you're well,
my best to you :)


This is just lovely! Thank you. Wishing you warm argyle wishes and wellness from across the interwebs...


Well said, Andrea.Happy Thanksgiving!

rayna diane

i won't wear anything but silly socks. i have quite a collection of argyles and stripes and dots. it makes people laugh and i feel like my fun side gets to go to work everyday. same for my undies! :) happy thanksgiving!


This is so well written! It's amazing sometimes how we fixate on the smallest things.

lisa s

glad to hear you are OK :)

happy post-thanksgiving to you.... it's always a treat to visit here

Julie Ivens

:in the stockings of a crazed toddler: is awesome :)


laughing. i will ponder a giggle today. Thank you.


I somehow stumbled onto your blog and this post is just perfect for today. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face on a difficult day.

All the best, Kristen

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