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December 30, 2009



Happy New Year, Andrea! This year, i am going to draw and watercolor paint whenever I get the urge to do so, instead of thinking that I've got more productive things to spend my time with.
Hope your evening today will be great!


that is just the cutest photo ever! i hope you and aaron have a wonderful, marvelous 2010. sending hugs your way.


First off let me say how much I love your writing style and your blog! Seriously. Then I need to add what a great question that is! "What are you going to let yourself off the hook for?" Reeeeally great question. Thank you and Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! Although it sounds like a trying one, I'm glad you've made it through the year.

What an excellent question, and probably one I should ask myself after making list after list of things to do. Actually, I think the thing I need to let myself off the hook for is not being able to do it all - all the plans, schemes, ideas, dreams, and desires, plus all the mundane things just aren't feasible in the span of one year. So as much as I'd like to do it all, not doing it all is okay as well (especially if not doing it all includes more time with music, novels, a guitar, or a blanket and popcorn on the couch).


i am so glad to know that your time at habit was so meaningful. truly. so glad to know. and i adore your question. i don't yet know what i'll be letting myself off the hook for! but i'm waiting to see what will emerge. happy 2010 andrea!


i think i have quietly declared this year the year of letting myself off the hook, just in general. i don't think it would be right to limit myself to just one thing :).

i started on this earlier in the fall and i think i'm finally getting the hang of it. i'm pretty sure it suits me. this, letting myself off the hook, thing. xo


I like your idea of what we can let go of :) I think I would like to let go of worry. The needless kind. The holding my breath when I should just exhale while laughing kind.

Wonderful post...wonderful online journal. Glad to have found you :)

(And Habit is just too cool!)


Hope 2010 is already treating you exceedingly well. I'm sure it will be a wonderful year for all. xo lj

amanda rose

what i'll be letting off the hook? steering the ship alone. (i keep forgetting that i'm married now.)

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