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January 27, 2010



i once had a job in college that required me to wear a gian cat mascot suit, sort of like a generic Garfield. I had to walk around some winder fest thing with man-made snow and wave at the kids. I got pelted with ice chunk man-made snowballs for a while. Kids are so MEAN to mascots. Sniffle.


I so love reading your posts and I'm sorry to say got a chuckle out of the image of you in a Clifford costume trying to run for it. On the other hand, I can so relate to your weather woes. We've had cold for soooo long that the last three days were a huge blessing I am certain sent to remind me spring will in fact come -- eventually.


i, too, had to wear a cat mascot suit once. except, it was during a press conference where i was supposed to represent the fat cat oil companies who didn't care that kids were getting asthma. so luckily no one could take a swing at me. that's what i get for being an unpaid intern...


I'm a little late to the party, but just read your pages in Artful Blogger!! Congrats! I always love how clean & neat everything about your blog and your house looks. So unlike my own spaces! Hope all is well in Portland!

Sarah M

Hello there, I am new to your blog. Randomly picked up "Artful Blogging" last month to check out the beautiful pictures and as I came across your spread my jaw dropped. Love the simplicity, clean lines, & interesting subject(s) of your photos and so had to immediately add you to my fav reads.
PS-Your post made me laugh out loud! Especially the first paragraph, I too, haven't seen the sun in a LONG time.
Sarah M

Nadia Lewis

Have you found moshezuchter on YouTube yet for accordion tutorials? He makes videos about everything from techniques to whole songs. Plus, he has this great sense of humour and Russian accent. I highly recommend! I'm trying to learn accordion too... I just hope I learn before my neighbours kill me! (I live in an apartment.)


FYI: starting a BSC Book Club in anticipation of the re-release. Email me to join up!


I cannot imagine the terror of little kids approaching me inside a costume like that. I have to say, it never crossed my mind when I was little that it could've been a girl inside.

The author of the Clifford books came to my elementary school and we got a poster-sized sketch he made during my dad's curriculum committee meeting, which was always an exciting thing to me.

(and I'm glad to see you posting!)


It has been incredibly grey here. Not cold but dark and there has been a void of light.

I finally bought lemon bars to bring some sunshine to my life.

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