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March 08, 2010


Erin Chaney

we share the same vision and are aspiring for the same goal.

Nadia Lewis

Cherry blossoms up here in Vancouver in JANUARY. Insane! :) But gorgeous.


So glad you're making progress, or even something like it. You're fabulous. I miss you, but I understand what it's like. I know you've got some pretty fabulous blossoms ahead of you!!!


Your post made me think of The Secret Garden (the children's book). I am sure everything will turn out fine, you'll see. Love,


I love this post (which I probably say every time you write). My gardening problems are the opposite since I live in the hot, humid, south where July and August I completely lose control. Gardening seems feasible in March and April, though, so there's always lots of planning. My husband is getting excited by the prospect this year and planting lots of fruit trees in pots so we can take them if we move. We'll see if anything comes from it, but it's fun to see him with momentum.

I understand that feeling of busyness and not having the energy to move forward. Glad you can see the progress coming though.


i like your idea of a garden. wish i could come over and help you rake. xoxo


I have actually always wanted a lawn consisting of moss rather than grass... a dream of a green-carpeted floor on which to walk with no shoes.


we did the same thing here. somehow a small palm sago in a pot for the table on the deck turned into walking past the same neighbors' house THREE times in one day to understand how they created such a beautiful perfect yard. it made me feel crazypants but the dogs liked it.

good luck with your moss. we are wrestling algae or something here on our fence and it's sort of embarrassing.


these blossoms are stunning. as is your writing, as always. change sounds exciting!


I always wait eagerly for one of your posts.

I have an allotment and that's the thing I have neglected recently because I've been busy. I always end up being too scared to even go there (it's a couple of miles from my house) because in my imagination it becomes a wild overgrown place.
Then I go and it's only partially wild and over run with brambles but not as bad as I imagined. Maybe this will be the week I conquer it.

Jenny Snyder

After the last snow storm melted Saturday, I ventured outside to look at our yard. I took one look at the weeds, previously unraked leaves and patches of remaining snow -- did an about face and raced back to the safety of the couch. God bless you in your efforts! I've decided beyond walks along trails, being outdoors is no longer my gift!


I yearn for a cottage garden too. Herbaceous borders and colour measured. I've nothing to rake in my courtyard but it is green and thriving thanks to a week of autumnal showers.

be well, g


I just recently ordered a subscription to Cottage Gardens because I too dream of a lush, colorful garden. Good luck and I hope you keep us updated with your garden's progress!

Alicia P.

"Things that could be." It's always so amazing how that feeling hits like a fever in the spring. Most of the year, I'm busy thinking other things. But then, that one warm day in February or March when we go out to un-gunk the yard, it comes on like a flush of scarlet, and you're right -- in that feverish daze I start seeing things that aren't (yet) there.

The people who owned this house before us took every single plant they could actually take out of the yard when they left. It's taken us ten years of really hard work (and more money than I could've imagined) just to put things back. Tired.

You would probably really like the gardens at Bishops Close off of Macadam Ave. in SW. It's a good dreaming spot.

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