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April 05, 2010



wonderful! i work in children's publishing, so i think i'll be spending a lot of time over at the new blog


I can't wait!! As children's book lover myself, I am so glad you've made this decision. So glad.

Nadia Lewis

Yay! I'll read that one too. :)


do you know how excited i am for this?! brilliant. xo


oh this is great! I can't wait to read, I am always looking for book suggestions!


Hey that pretty much sums up my life too ;)

Suz Broughton

Good for you. Will go check it out. I love the collage, so beautiful.


Hello Book-Scout. I'm very excited for you, sounds perfect.


will check out the new site often, but hope you stay on to this one too...love your personal 'perspective' (and photos)and believe that personal blogging is just that...personal, so no need to be 'interesting'...shoot, that's different for each person anyway! Read on!


Yep, love, eat, sleep, books sounds mighty good to me. It is what I live by.

Anna Emilia

Happy journey with your new place!


While I love Book Scout. I dearly miss Scout. Won't you send us some yummy fall photos and bloggy reading?

suzanne antique lover

Love the name of your blog!

Brad Fallon

oh this is great! Good for you. Happy New Year!


"Books and writing are always on my mind" I can only agree :)

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