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September 12, 2011



and what a beautiful story it is. so happy for you and A. xox


andrea, what funny timing -- I was just updating the links on my own blog last week and thought, I wonder if she's still around? I went back through here and reread for awhile, wondering where you are.

I pass by your restaurant, unknowingly, every day as I bike commute to work! cannot wait to stop by. sad to see you leaving this blog behind, but best of luck with the new chapter, and I hope to come eat something yummy very soon :)


oh friend. I remember the first time I discovered you and this fine blog of yours. you presence here will be sorely missed but such good things happening to you! such good and lovely things! and so well deserved! will happily continue to follow you over at book-scout. and I look forward to dinner at st. jack. soon soon soon.



you give me goosebumps. i'm happy to know you now in other places on the internets so that this isn't good bye. xo.


seriously good.
will check you out when we head to portland this summer 2012

Erica Midkiff | Dearingford

How thrilling to have started a restaurant! Wow.

I'm delighted to hear that you will be back at Book-Scout. I had followed you there from the beginning, and loved reading your posts. I share your love of books intended for younger audiences, and read many of your recommendations. I look forward to seeing you there!


I like this finale - your wrapped it up and tied up with a bow. I'll see you over at Book-Scout, and probably on Alberta, and definitely at the restaurant.

Kathleen Noble

The best ending/beginning!

Chelsea U

I'm a little late, but so good to see that you are back blogging again, even if it's not here. I have missed you both online and in Portland. And I completely agree with you, 30 is a great age.

I'm excited to start keeping up with your kid lit recommendations again. Lord knows I could use more kid lit in my life!


I missed your blog and only by accident found this post now.
So much has happened in the past year!
I'd come over for a madeleine any day if I could.

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